C'est Lä Vé Plant Based Charcuterie: Pioneering Sustainable Snacking with a Mission

C'est La Ve Plant Based Charcuterie snack variety pack

C'est Lä Vé, a trailblazing brand in sustainable snacking, has brought its mission to redefine the snacking experience to the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Founded in 2022 by Yosef Mirakov Cohen, a fervent advocate for veganism, sustainability, and convenience, the brand is set to make waves in the local community with its innovative plant-based snacks.

C'est Lä Vé is not just a snack brand; it's a movement. 

Now calling Los Angeles home, C’L:V’ is currently the industry's sole snack company crafting 100% plant-based snacks in compostable plant-fiber trays and post-consumer recycled plastic. “Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products to our mission of healing the planet and saving animal lives, one bite at a time,” says Cohen, CEO of the brand.
At the core of C'est Lä Vé is a profound commitment to revolutionize the snacking experience. We provide vegan and convenient snacks that promote health, sustainability, and compassion. Our unwavering dedication is to empower individuals to make conscious choices that benefit their well-being, the planet, and all its inhabitants.

The Journey: From Vision to Reality…

Yosef Mirakov Cohen - C'est La Ve Vegan charcuterie snack owner

C'est Lä Vé emerged from the vision of Yosef Mirakov Cohen. Fueled by the desire to fill a gap in the market, Yosef embarked on a mission to create a solution for those seeking readily available vegan options in popular snack categories. The result is a range of snack-sized charcuterie packs, offering a protein-packed, convenient, and nutritious bite for busy, health-conscious individuals.

Health Benefits: Snacking for Fuel

Beyond sustainability, C'est Lä Vé is committed to elevating the snacking experience by providing health-conscious options. Each snack-sized charcuterie pack is crafted with high-quality, plant-based ingredients. Packed with essential nutrients, including protein, iron, and fiber, our snacks not only satisfy the munch but also contribute to maintaining a balanced and nourishing diet. C'est Lä Vé embodies the belief that delicious snacks can coexist with health and well-being, being a guilt-free option that aligns with modern consumers' desire for both taste and nutritional value. The brands slogan, #SnackForLife is an allegory for the idea that every bite contributes to your well-being and the planet's health.

Join the Mission in Los Angeles

Welcome to our mission of creating a snacking experience that's as fulfilling for you as it is for the world. Now in Los Angeles, C'est Lä Vé invites the local community to join in reshaping the snacking landscape, fostering a healthier world, and making compassion accessible to all.


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