C'est Lä Vé is passionate about finding new ways to heal our home planet. Our plant-based backyard & commercially compostable packaging are the next step on our journey to help care for our planet.

After enjoying our delicious C'est Lä Vé charcuteries packs, simply place it in your home compost bin or drop it off at a commercial composting facility in your area.

Our packaging is commercially compostable and also belong in your home compost bin. We understand that not all areas have industrial composting facilities, so you can compost at home!

Find industrial composting services near you and learn how to start backyard composting.

  • Grounded - Plantcell™ 

    "Our Plantcell™ home compostable transparent laminate is made from certified home compostable materials using rapidly renewable eucalyptus and sugarcane (85% bio-based). Safe and certified for food contact, it provides barrier to both oxygen and moisture. The film does not break down into micro-plastic particles and reduces reliance on fossil fuels and increases the use of renewable plant-based materials"

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  • Tranlin - Bamboo & Sugarcane Tray

    Combining 50% bamboo pulp and 50% sugarcane bagasse offers an eco-friendly alternative to Styrofoam. Sugarcane bagasse is a byproduct of the sugar production process that would normally go to waste. By combining it with bamboo pulp, a sustainable and renewable resource, we are able to reduce waste while providing a practical and environmentally responsible packaging solution.

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Our Charcuterie Packs

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