Our Vegan Charcuterie Packs help vegans, vegetarians and lactose intolerant consumers who want to save time, energy, and preserve the environment, by avoiding using plastic, and animal products and enabling them to get a vegan well-balanced snack in 100% compostable packaging unlike Hillshire Snacking and Lunchables which contain animal products and packed in plastic. C'est Lä Vé is the first to enter the savory, well-balanced snack packs category with 100% vegan ingredients and compostable packaging.

How It All Started...

C'est Lä Vé  was founded in 2022 in Richmond, VA by Yosef Mirakov Cohen when he was unable to find any 'Lunchables' or 'Hillshire Snacking' vegan alternatives.

He always wanted to start a venture that will promote veganism, sustainability, and convenience for fellow vegans, vegetarians, and environmentalists. So, he decided to start C'est Lä Vé, an affordable, vegan, on-the-go, snack-sized pack for adults who want to save time and effort to get a healthy protein-packed quick bite. 

  • Animal Welfare

    Because we know prioritizing compassion results in using less land, wasting less water and causing no harm

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  • Environmentalism

    Everything we make has an impact on the planet. Learn more about our compostable packaging

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  • Transparency

    We make sure all our ingredients are always fresh and plant-based for amazing flavor and impact

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